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Midshipman Rules and Regulations



Midshipmen are allowed to leave the Academy only while on town liberty or during leave periods and when not restricted for academics or disciplinary reasons. Plebe Liberty  is subject to change annually. Town liberty for the Class of 2022 will be from ______ until _____ each Saturday.   On days of home football games, liberty begins upon completion of the game and lasts until _____. During three-day weekends, such as Labor Day, plebes have modified town liberty  on Saturday and Sunday. NO TOWN LIBERTY IS GIVEN ON MONDAY.  TOWN LIBERTY is granted to plebes who may not travel outside a 22 mile circle which is measured from the Chapel Dome.

Weekend Liberty 

Plebes are not entitled to weekend liberty unless authorized by the Commandant.  All midshipmen are required to attend home football games.  Midshipmen above the rank of plebe may earn weekend liberty.  Weekends have been granted to plebes in the past for victories over Army in various sports and for Brigade spirit at the Army/Navy football game.

Yard Liberty

Plebes may escort visitors during yard liberty on weekends and holidays.  They can invite you as a parent to participate in noon or evening meal in King Hall.  You can also be invited to scheduled sporting events, musical productions, etc... 

Civilian Clothing

Civilian Clothing is not an option for Plebes and Youngsters who must remain in uniform at all times.  Plebes and Youngsters are not allowed to keep civilian clothes in their rooms nor in the homes of their sponsors.  This requirement is lifted during leave (not liberty).


Operating and keeping cars is not allowed for plebes and Youngsters.  They can ride in a private auto when accompanied or driven by parents, guardians, USNA approved sponsors, staff, faculty members.  Second Class Midshipmen may drive cars, but not on the yard.  They may keep a car in Annapolis. Only Firsties may drive and park on the Yard.


Plebes will NOT consume alcohol regardless of their age.  Upperclass midshipmen cannot drink, including non-alcoholic beer, unless they are within the legal drinking age of 21.  THIS IS A SEPARATION OFFENSE.

Sunday Worship Services 

Plebes are authorized to attend Sunday worship services in the Annapolis area.  They must return to the Academy immediately following the service.

Hazardous Activites 

Any involvement in hazardous activities such as scuba diving, hang gliding, etc. needs approval from their Battalion Officer via their Company Officer.



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