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Plebe Parent’s Weekend



Don't Miss!

Parents’ Weekend in August is a definite "DON’T MISS". If you haven’t already made your reservation, do it NOW! Rooms fill up fast for these big weekends. Hotels in Annapolis charge FULL rates for big USNA weekends, search outside the city limits for better bargains, especially if you need multiple rooms, multiple nights. 

This will be your last opportunity to see your Mid’s room and enjoy a USNA hosted weekend designed especially for YOU until your Firstie Parents’ Weekend. If your Plebe likes to swim, get a hotel with a pool. Annapolis is usually very hot and humid.  


Register in Dahlgren Hall as soon as you arrive. Pick up materials and information off all the tables. Talk to the Athletic Association about football tickets, especially if you want season tickets and parking cards. 

Take your time collecting flyers off the tables, stick them in a file folder, come October you will be looking for some of that information!  

Mid Store 

Don’t forget the Mid Store – and this is an excellent opportunity to purchase your Mid a printer, or other "big ticket" items at a reduced cost without sales tax!
Shop in the Gift Shop early as it gets busy and they will run out of popular styles early.  See the Induction Day section for information on the Mid Store ID.


If you want a good view of Formation, you must be in Tecumseh Court 45 - 60 minutes early. Try to arrive an hour early for the Dress Parade and sit in the stands under a tree.   

You may wish to bring extended family for the celebration.  Be prepared to experience the most overwhelming pride and love for your Mid as you see him/her for the first time, walking toward you in a crisp white officer’s uniform.

Activities With Your Mid

Many activities will be available, but try to let your Midshipman call the shots.   Your Mid will want to be OUT of the gates as soon as off-yard liberty is granted. Try to meet your Mid’s Sponsor family so you can get to know them.
Make sure you invite a Mid whose parents could not make it to eat with you at a meal  or catch a movie off the Yard. There WILL be a time when you cannot attend a function at the Academy and some other parent will include your Mid in their family activity. All the Mids need some liberty during Parents’ Weekend to celebrate the end of Plebe Summer.

Take Pictures! 

Take as many pictures as you can. Your Mid must "keep his eyes in the boat" and therefore, many times does not have a sense of what the overall activity (parades, march on, noon meal formation, etc...) looks like. 

Black Sunday

Parting will be very difficult, both for you and your Plebe. You will know all too well why it is called Black Sunday. When your Mid returns to Mother B, Detailers will be playing Christmas Carols to remind Plebes that their next extended time with you won’t be until the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays!  
Plebes are kept busy on this Sunday evening to help them overcome their sadness (despite the upper-class teasing).


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