We are glad that you have chosen to become a member of 

our Parents Club of Central Florida family!  


Midshipman Family Membership includes: 1) Planned monthly gatherings, 2) Access to secured information on our website, 3) Shipping for 2 Care Packages for your Midshipman, 4) Birthday greeting/Gift Card for your Midshipman, 5) Final exam greeting/Gift Card for your Midshipman, 6) Complimentary Midshipman ticket to the All Academies Military Ball, 7) Voting privileges and 9) access to our closed Facebook Group. 8) Membership for all 4 years insures your Firstie receives gifts from The Club for Commissioning (i.e. an uncirculated silver dollar, a flag flown over the capital on Commissioning Day).

In addition to the above, a New Midshipman Family Membership  includes two Parents Club name badges. Alumni Membership and Affiliate Membership (any interested person or family) both include planned monthly gatherings and access to secured information on our website.  

We have recently added a 4-year membership option.  This will eliminate some of the administrative work our volunteers have to do each year and will also be more convenient and efficient for our members to maintain active status.

PAYMENT OPTION #1 (Two-Step Process=Online Form+Payment)

Our new promotion for membership this year is a 4-year option.  If you choose to join for 4 years, you receive a complimentary tote bag. Complete the USNA Parents Club of Central Florida (USNAPCCF) application online at this link (Membership Form)and use PayPal button below to remit payment. Renewing members and Alumni may also take advantage of this promotion.  **Remember, to receive Firstie gifts, your family must be a member for all four years.**  







Calculate your 4-year membership according to the different levels below.  You can enter the amount in the donation button above.   (example: 2 renewal years plus two alumni years would be $150  OR  1 new plus 3 renewals would be $225)



PAYMENT OPTION #2 (Two-Step Process=Online Form+Payment)

You may complete the USNA Parents Club of Central Florida (USNAPCCF) application online at this link Membership Form and use PayPal buttons below to remit payment. 















PAYMENT OPTION #3 (Two-Step Process=Online Form+Payment)

Hard Copy Directions:

Our membership application is here, and we welcome all of you to join us.  Print the PDF application, complete it and send with check made payable to USNAPCCF.

New Midshipman




(includes 2 badges Complete Google Form)



Badge Replacement

Complete Google Form

$13 each






Alumni or Affiliate





2 badges for $25