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Welcome Plebe Parents


Dear Class of 2027 Plebe Parents, 


On behalf of our Central Florida Parents Club -


CONGRATULATIONS” and a hearty “Welcome Aboard!


Our Plebe Parent Survival Guide a.k.a The Plebe Parent Handbook, is intended to help you navigate through the next four years of USNA life. We sincerely hope it will be a great reference guide, especially through the trials of Plebe year.

This is a very exciting time for your family. The beginning of a new life for your son or daughter. The ride on which you are about to embark holds many challenges and great rewards. This journey is meant to be shared, not only within your own family, but with your new extended family of USNA Parents Club members.

Designed for Incoming USNA Families 

Updated annually, the Plebe Parent Handbook is provided as a source guide to answer questions, provide Academy knowledge, information about the Annapolis area, and membership contacts. Our Club also publishes periodically that include articles and pictures of our Central Florida Midshipmen, families, club activities, and happenings on “The Yard.”

Be "In the Know" 

Information provided through our Club membership network will include accommodations, news releases, schedule of activities, sporting event tickets, etc. There will also be suggestions on finding a house to rent for the most important week of your family’s four years at USNA, Commissioning Week. 

This handbook is our gift to you as an incoming USNA family. However, if you wish to receive all the benefits we have to offer, you need to become a member of our Club. With your membership, not only do you help our Club to grow and prosper, you gain a caring support network for you and your Midshipman.


We're Here to Support You 

For you, this support is our most important mission.
For many, this will be your first experience with Service Academy/Military life. At USNA, your son or daughter will receive a first class education as they are being groomed to serve our nation as military officers. For some, this service commitment will end after 7 years. For others, it will be a lifetime career.

Having a network of parents close to home, who truly understand your frustrations and triumphs, is why we are here.
We look forward to adopting your entire family into our USNA family. The pride you feel is shared by us all. Enjoy the ride!


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