Wreath Supplies & Details


  • Scissors, glue gun (We will have some on hand.)

  • 14.5” frame metal wreath frame dollar tree (The club is providing this for you)

  • At least 36 feet of 6” burlap ribbon

  • Wired Accent Ribbon  (min. 1.5” wide  and 25’ feet total length)

  • Embellishment of your choice to match (anchor, easter eggs, flowers, berries,       monogram, plane, ship, etc.)

  • Remember:  Colors combinations are up to you.  USNA, Marines, Easter, Summer, Christmas.


  • First, decide on a theme :  Navy, Marines, Easter, Spring, Summer......

  • Next, visit your favorite Craft Store or Amazon.

  • Purchase at least 36 feet of 6"wide burlap ribbon of any color you like. 12 Yards 

  • Purchase s spool of wired accent ribbon 1.5" wide or greater.  At least 1.5 inches wide and 25 feet long.  Have fun with this part.  See wreath above to know how this plays out.  You may want more to create a bow.  

 Embellishment of your choice.  The following pics are from Hoppy Lobby.

When you decide on an embellishment for your wreath, think about having it painted and ready for the event.  Time will be limited, we won't have time to wait for paint to dry.